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School of Foreign Languages held "May 25 Mental Health Day" theme education lecture
2023-05-25 17:40  

To implement the school2021 Student work conference "Heart warm Yang" project implementation plan to improve students' mental health work ability, on the afternoon of May 25, 2023, the School of Foreign Languages held the "May 25 Mental Health Day" theme education lecture。Dr. Ren Haiying, chief physician of the Sixth People's Hospital of Jilin City, was invited to give a special lecture on psychological knowledge entitled "I love me - Understanding Depression and caring for yourself"。School mental health education and counseling service center director Wen Zhu, School of Foreign Languages Party committee organization Xiong Wei,As well as the head teacher of the school of Foreign languages, the monitor of each class, the commissary in charge of psychology, and the head of the dormitory,A total of more than 90 students from the School of Automation Engineering participated in this activity,The activity was presided over by Xia Xianlin, director of the School of Foreign Languages and secretary of the Youth League Committee。

In the lecture, Dr. Ren combined with years of clinical diagnosis and treatment experience, starting from the actual life of college students, explained to us in a simple way"What is depression", "the pathogenesis of depression", "the occurrence and influencing factors of depression", "vulnerable groups of depression", "evaluation of depression", "How to self-regulate patients with mild depression", "how to treat depression" and "matters needing attention in dealing with depression", etc.,It specifically describes the internal psychological feelings and external behavior of patients with depression。随后,Ren DoctorialThrough and老师、The interaction of the students took us to analyze the psychological and behavioral characteristics of patients with depressionHow to cope with academic, interpersonal and emotional stress。

The purpose of this lecture is to popularize the knowledge of mental health and strengthen the students' attention to the depression of themselves and their classmates, especially how to identify and deal with depressionIt has a strong guiding significance for the development of mental health work in the college。

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