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The School of Foreign Languages carried out the theme activity of "Tell Me to you"
2023-04-11 17:33  

In order to exercise students' language expression ability, enhance students' self-confidence and courage, improve students' ability to observe and analyze problems, and cultivate students' logical thinking and contingency thinking ability;Stimulate the learning initiative, broaden students' horizons and knowledge, cultivate their moral sentiments, and cultivate students' positive and healthy mentality。School of Foreign LanguagesAll students of Grade 21 and 22 planned and carried out a speech activity to tell you "I" with the theme of "Speaking youth, strengthening self-confidence"。

The activity was organized by the psychology committee of each class, and each student took turns to make a speech in accordance with the order。The content of the speech is positive, positive, healthy themes。In the activity, the psychology committee will arrange the students' speeches and take charge of the video recording to ensure the smooth speech activities。The following isPartial classStudents participating in this activity style display:

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