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The School of Chemical Engineering held "525· I Love Me · I Delight me" psychological garden activities
2023-05-25 18:24  

School of Chemical Engineering"525· I love me · I delight me" psychological garden activities

2023-5-25 17:50

In order to let college students fully understand themselves, accept themselves, improve psychological quality, adjust the mood, relieve psychological pressure。School of Chemical Engineering inOn the afternoon of May 25, the "525· I Love Me · I Delight Me" psychological garden activity was held in the West Campus playground。"5·25" homophonic for "I love me", meaning care for self psychological growth and health, 525 mental health festival advocates that everyone cherish themselves, seize opportunities, brave challenges, create more wonderful for their own life, all the way to flower。

Psychological garden activities carried out a total of five activities, including eight-figure jump rope, emotional release of wooden people, you perform I guess, tear off the label to change the bias, guess the name of the song, sincere questions and answers, the game of laughter, the students tore off the label, release themselves, wholeheartedly into the game, do not be defined themselves。In the sunset, chemical students laugh, full of respect and friendship, forget the trouble, relieve the pressurePsychological garden activities came to an end, but the pace of love will not stop, mental health education is not only inOn May 25th, and every day of my life。

此次"I love me,Love everyone,I like myself,The "Happy Everything" activity made the chemical engineering students stand up,Get out of the dormitory,Put aside one's troubles,Close the relationship between students,Experience the happiness of getting along with others,At the same time, cultivate students' positive mental attitude,Create a good psychological atmosphere of "I love me, I delight me" in the School of Chemical Engineering。

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