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"Form a Good Habit" 21-day clocking campaign is about to begin!
2023-04-01 12:09  

Confucius said, "A person's habits will be accompanied by his life. A good habit is a medicine that can cure many of our problems.。Forming good habits is like adding wings to a dream and laying a firm foundation for success。The new semester has begun, the students in enjoying the beautiful campus life and looking forward to a happy future, do not forget to develop a good habit to benefit themselves for life。

Activity theme

"Develop a Good Habit" 21 day clocking campaign

Our slogan

Develop good habits and master a good life


Class of 2022 (Undergraduate and Junior College)

Activity Time:

Online launch ceremony: April 2 (The specific content will be announced in the "Tepco psychological 21-day notice group", see the bottom of the article)

Online check-in activity: April 3 - April 30

Event location:

Online punch (the specific punch method will be announced at the launch ceremony)

Activity Content (choose one of four)

1.Breakfast clock

Share what you had for breakfast that morning and add a picture of your mood at the moment。

2.Exercise clock

Including but not limited to effective exercise-related content: video photos of various exercises, record screenshots of fitness apps (can use Sports World Campus), etc。No less than one picture per day, no less than 10 minutes, no less than 2 kilometers of running distance, no less than 200 skipping rope, squat, jumping jacks and other actions no less than 60 times。

3.Learn to punch in

Including but not limited to effective learning related content: notes made during the day's study, memorized words, completed exercises。Note should be written carefully, not less than 200 words, memorized words should be written on a separate piece of paper, exercise at least one A4 paper。

4.Organize the housekeeping clock

Including but not limited to: cleaning housekeeping, cleaning dormitory hygiene, etc。With no less than one picture。


1.Students who quit or do not clock in as required cannot get the corresponding bonus points and rewards。

2.Punch card ranking will take into account the number of days, time and quality of graphics and richness;If the indicators are close, the results of the Dongdian Heart Speech publicity group shall prevail。

3.All published graphics must be original, not copied, with positive energy, then will be strictly checked, need to mark the college class name and student number when punching, do not meet the requirements will not be punched record。

Punch in rewards:

     1.Bonus points will be given to those who complete 21 days of attendance, and the specific score will be determined according to the requirements of each college;

     2.Excellent works will be displayed on the public account, and the top 100 students can also get special gifts。

First prize: 20 winners

Second prize: 30 winners

Third prize: 50 winners

Excellence Award: Several (depending on the number of participants)

The Consultation Center reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity

Attachment: Activity entry (scan code to enter QQ group)


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